45 000 T of fruits delivered yearly

100 varieties 

of fruits

15 experts at your service

Founded in 2003 under the name “Indigo Fruit”, the company joins in 2012 the Irish TOTAL PRODUCE GROUP (the first European supplier of fresh products) and becomes its only subsidiary in France: TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO. 


Specialist of import and distribution of exotic and off-season fruits, our products mainly come from the southern hemisphere: Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, New-Zealand, South Africa… We also import fruits from Florida, Israel and India.

We offer our customers a wide and complete range of off-season products: apples, pears, grapes, citrus fruits, stone fruits and exotics fruits.


We also commercialize brands of the Total Produce group such as “Fyffes” and “TOP”, pineapple and melon suppliers.

Moreover TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO handles and knows perfectly about the whole fruit supply chain. 


We have several logistics platforms in The Netherlands (Rotterdam, Zederik, Cool Port) and in France (Cavaillon).

Since May 2017, our products are stored in a new warehouse in Kloosterboer Cool Port (in the port of Rotterdam). This new storing and conditioning warehouse guarantees us an innovative approach and made us enhance our reactivity.

90% of the containers are transported by barge toward our warehouses (the fastest and most efficient, ecological and economical method) and then the pallets are loaded via rails, which has a low impact upon environment.

We benefit from high customs certification (e-status).

Our logistics web-portal allows us to follow at any time on the unloading, loading and a complete quality control of our palets.


We have been specialists in pear ripening for more than 10 years. We dispose of recognized knowledge in the ripening of mangoes and avocadoes too.


TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO assures a complet cover of the national territory. We offers to our clients a continuous chain from the preparation warehouse to their own warehouse.

TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO control the totality of the distribution chain.  From the producer to the delivery for the client, the logistic is optimized and the premium quality of fruit is essential.

We can guarantee a fast customer service, adapted and personalized thanks to our stations of conditioning and packaging (IFCO/STECO/CARTON).


By coordinating the import of foreign products in an innovative way, TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO aims to provide:

  • Long-term relationships with suppliers, through a strategic collaboration resulting in the purchase of products at optimized prices.

  • Relationships with long-term clients, wholesalers and distributors to deliver the volumes desired with the price, quality and packaging adapted to their needs and requirements.


TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO carries and supports fundamental values such as: Passion, Competence, Reliability and Responsibility. 

TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO supports the following core values:


to achieve the best possible results drives us permanently. The love of our craft pushes us to respond proactively to the evolution of the market and the requirements of our customers


thanks to our extensive experience, we follow the evolutions of the market, by being fluent in our products, we offer solutions adapted to the market and creative.


of our suppliers and our customers respect: lasting and privileged relationships with our suppliers allows our customers to satisfy their requirements.


we respect all the links in the chain. We take our responsibilities seriously and maintain a transparent organization. We support trade fair and feel concerned about the future.



Quality control starts with the production. TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO maintains close contacts with its producers to be constantly informed about the weather and all the other factors that could affect the quality of the product.

We want to assure our customers the best in terms of bacteriological, chemical and organoleptic quality.


TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO realizes three phases of quality control:

  • at the arrival of the products

  • during storage

  • before delivery to our customers.

Of course, upstream, a rigourous selection of our producers we do locally, in each country of importation. A calendar control is established for each product. The product is evaluated based on criteria and predefined requirements.

The results of these checks are recorded and sent to suppliers.

TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO has developed a Web portal to distribute monitoring reports and facilitate the sharing of information. This portal is accessible to sales representatives and suppliers of TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO.


IFS Broker is an international reference table recognized for the Quality and the Food safety, as well as for the conformity of the services of importers and trade agencies.

This approach is in agreement with the requirements of the consumers more and more attentive to the food safety and, with the increasing obligations of all the actors of the food-processing industry as for the conformity of their products.



Part of the quality policy of TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO is based on the certification of its producers. This allows the company to meet all the legal requirements on products.



Certified Global G.A.P (international approach for a reliable and sustainable agriculture) from all our suppliers ensures us that all requirements concerning hygiene, environment, food safety, quality and traceability of our products are met. All current documents are available on request.

  • Fast evolution and regular change is necessary because European and international laws change quite often and therefor require permanent watch.

  • To respond to these changes, TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO has developed a policy of food security.

  • TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO considers legal requirements as important as specific requirements from its customers.

  • TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO has its own monitoring program and regularly tests its products.

  • This monitoring program is developed each year in response to a risk analysis based on past results, on weather and growing conditions throughout the growing season of our products. Additional controls are made based on various applications, either for customers or suppliers.


Grasp is a module that has been designed to complement Global GAP certification; it is a voluntary module that has existed in various countries since 2011. Grasp addresses social responsibility. It is an assessment of the risks related to working conditions in agricultural environments.

TOTAL PRODUCE INDIGO places particular importance on this framework of good practices, which undertakes to provide appropriate protection for workers, and to monitor and comply with the legal requirements relating to employee rights (contracts, wages, hours, etc.).​

Spécialiste dans l’importation et la distribution de fruits de contre saison et exotiques.

Nos fruits proviennent principalement de l’hémisphère Sud : Chili, Argentine, Pérou, Brésil, Nouvelle-Zélande et Afrique du Sud. Nous proposons à nos clients une gamme complète de produits de contre saison :

Pomme, poire, raisin, agrumes et exotiques. Nous commercialisons aussi les marques du groupe « FYFFES » et « TOP » (fournisseurs d’ananas et de melon).

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