TOTAL PRODUCE is one of the biggest fresh fruit suppliers in the world. It all started in 1850, in the Northwest of Ireland, with the creation of a company of fruits and vegetables.

After various mergers and take-overs, the company would become in 1986, FYFFES. Investments in Europe would allow the company to become the leader of fruits and vegetables. In 2007, FYFFES split in two distinct companies:


  • FYFFES, specialized in the import of exotic fruits, and TOTAL PRODUCE group, specialized in the procurement, supply and the distribution of fresh products.

  • Since 2013 and until today, the group has invested internationally (North America, Chile, Mexico, Canada…)



TOTAL PRODUCE GROUP, this is, 5 billion euros turnover, 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables, 300 million of cartons of products distributed and 4 000 collaborators.

5 billion euros turnover

200 varieties of fruits and vegetables

4 000



The group works with supermarkets, wholesalers across Europe and North America.

TOTAL PRODUCE is the supplier of 9 million packages of pineapples from Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.

The group delivers also 10 million packages of melons from Brazil (1st world producer) and of 6 million packages of Bananas from Central America.


With strong strategic and effective partnerships, TOTAL PRODUCE has a distribution network of 90 subsidiaries, through 19 countries in Europe.


The group is the leader on the markets of Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, and has a structure of bargaining in India since 2008.

  • Ireland (TOTAL PRODUCE Ireland)

  • Spain (Grupo Arc Eurobanan)

  • Sweden and Denmark (TOTAL PRODUCE Nordic, Lembcke, Everfresh)

  • United-Kingdom (Hortim International)

  • Slovakia ( Hortim International)

  • India (Khet Se Dsitribution, Suri Agrofresh PVT)

  • Italy (Peviani)

  • Netherlands (TOTAL PRODUCE BV, Haluco BV, Nedalpac BV, Anaco & Greeve International, Frankfort & Korning)

  • North America (Oppenheimer)

TOTAL PRODUCE stands out thanks to its infrastructure: by integrating international companies, the group successfully reduced its supply cost and enhanced its efficiency. It combined its global reach, essential to meet the international needs of supplying, with its ability to adapt to the local markets and every client specificities.

TOTAL PRODUCE is a balanced company in terms of resources, products, territories and market sectors in which it carries out its business. TOTAL PRODUCE’s growth strategy boosts its competitiveness, profitability and growth of turnover. This strategy allows the group to provide its customers with excellence for their satisfaction.

Spécialiste dans l’importation et la distribution de fruits de contre saison et exotiques.

Nos fruits proviennent principalement de l’hémisphère Sud : Chili, Argentine, Pérou, Brésil, Nouvelle-Zélande et Afrique du Sud. Nous proposons à nos clients une gamme complète de produits de contre saison :

Pomme, poire, raisin, agrumes et exotiques. Nous commercialisons aussi les marques du groupe « FYFFES » et « TOP » (fournisseurs d’ananas et de melon).

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